Lisette Pool

Hi there! I am Lisette (25), a Dutch creator with a mind that never sleeps. Since I was a little girl I’ve been coming up with crazy ideas and creative projects. I was always trying to achieve my goals. When I was about 8 years young, I decided to go on the web. I wanted to built my own website and I did! I started experimenting and a few years later I ended up blogging.

Nowadays I still love having a little piece on the internet where I can blog about everything I would like to share with the world. The amazing thing about blogging is that it easily gets you in touch with people with similar interests, like you!

24/7 Stylish

With this blog I hope to inspire you to live your life in a more simple, fun and creative way. I truly believe that joy can be found in the little things and experiences. 

In the articles I share my fashion, beauty and home decor secrets that will turn heads! Besides that I will take you with me to exciting places and events, share my favorite (super easy) recipes and some personal stories.

The main aim is to get you as excited as I am to live your life in a more fun and stylish way!

Websiteschool is also a project of mine.