Say hello to my very first digital watch,  the Retro Casio in rosegold. It is functional, trendy and the color is absolutely gorgeous!  The Casio retro collection reminds me a lot of myself because the watches are kind of geeky and stylish at the same time.



Spring is finally here and this is a great excuse to do some shoe shopping.  Lets make our feet happy this time by putting on some comfy shoes. This post is al about types of sneakers that are a must have for this season, because lets be honest, a girl can never have too many shoes!



The French manicure is characterized by the pale pink base and the bright white tips. I personally love this style it looks really feminine and classy. Most people find this really hard to do, but it is actually not that difficult, it is all about the technique. I have super shaky hands and even I can do it! Just have a little patience and follow the steps below to create this French manicure yourself!